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Sustainable and Affordable

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About GVD

Learn more about our vision of affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly, high quality housing communities.

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Our Projects

GVD is committed to delivering Affordable Apartment Developments that feature impressive design, high quality finishes & sustainable practices.

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Our developments meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Architecturally designed
1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments
Priced from $250k


There is no doubt that the ‘green real estate revolution’ is upon us and the physical presence of green buildings can play both a tangible and symbolic role in underpinning a community’s future sustainability.

How can we afford not to occupy a green building? ”Going green” is now just not just for the wealthy. Through major product development over the past 10 years we now all have the opportunity to share a positive impact in the future development within communities in which we reside.

Four hundred million new homes are predicted to be built worldwide by 2020, and most of them will be in emerging markets. With such a high demand for low- and middle-income housing, responsible development has become ever more essential to reduce climate change.

Green Vision Developments realise that a smaller carbon footprint also translates to greater demand and usability whilst benefiting the beautiful environment in which we live.


Scott Wharton

Scott Wharton GVD Managing Director

As designers and architects of the future we have an opportunity to play a powerful role in constructing reality and improving humanity’s experience on this planet. Our ”Green Vision” is clear to create affordable sustainable solutions to suit current demands and problems yet undefined