Sustainable Communities

Living in Harmony with Nature

Our Approach

We have designed a World Class Sustainable Solar and Recycled Storm Water supply solution to benefit all Investors and Residents at ALTITUDE2480.

Our strategy is to power the site completely by Solar through the installation of a north facing solar field which will power all electricity and hot water needs for the residents. This will mean a sizable reduction in electricity bills not only now but majorly in the future.

We have designed a world class, outstanding sustainable leading-edge storm water recycling system that will supply recycled storm water from building roofs and landscape into large catchments which in turn will be cleansed to supply clean water to toilets, washers and the overall landscape of the property which will equate to a saving of over 50% of water usage for the community living at ALTITUDE2480.

Our approach to sustainable property development aims to:

  • Minimise negative environmental impacts and enhance the local area
  • Reduce the energy and water intensity of properties we develop
  • Maximise the sustainable use of resources
  • Reduce the material intensity of property
  • Utilise recycled materials and enhance recyclability
  • Extend durability and functionality

A Time For Change

Modular building is now on Government and commercial building agendas in Australia,  Europe, Japan, and the USA , where it is seen as an important way of improving quality and cost within the traditional slow changing construction industry The convergence of this thinking, combined with emerging technologies and materials solutions, means that modular off-site construction is now more viable and more relevant than ever. Benefits of Modular Building:  

  • More than 90% complete upon arrival to the site
  • Building time is greatly reduced.
  • Built to all state and local codes, for any climate and terrain.
  • Exceeds standard structural requirements.
  • More predictability in time and cost.
  • Assembly line construction means precision quality control.
  • Process repetition means trade specialisation.
  • A climate-controlled factory environment means no weather delays.
  • Less environmental impact on the building site.
  • Less risk of time and financial loss due to scheduling of trades and material theft on site.
  • Modular factories can achieve 50% to 75% less waste than the equivalent site-built product through precision cutting and factory processes.
  • The ability to incorporate integrated, pre-packaged green solutions

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